Italian RP Rods

Today Italian RP have in production 3 different type of connecting rods,
capable to satisfy the motorsport market at all level, from small budget projects, till the most competitive branches of Motorsports.
The 3 lines of products are called

IRPRS (Silver line),
IRPRG (Golden line),
IRPRP (Platinum line).

All rods are available with 3 types of bolts : 2500 , L19 or 625+

All materials are high-grade steel which can satisfy aeronautics and military standards.

The silver line rods are our most sold and balanced product.
It’s forged from high-grade steel and reinforced with the latest generation heat treatments,
which can offer 10% more strength to cycle fatigue stress when compared to the IRPRE and 20% when compared to 4340.
The silver line is our centrepiece and most sold product because it allows great performance and reliability.

The golden line rods are for experts in the motorsport world. It’s made from high-grade steel and certified for military and aeronautics use.
Reinforced with the latest generation treatment deep freezing called Cryo treatment which allows the material to sustain 15% more strength to cycle fatigue stress when compared to IRPRS and 10% when compared to 300M.
With this new product line, we have improved our already performing silver line to make its endurance for more extreme conditions.

The Platinum line is our top-quality line, addressed for extreme application, and who want to replace titanium with steel.
Platinum is an excellent substitute for titanium, with a similar weight but with greater performance. It is further reinforced with two Cryo deep freezing treatments , one at the beginning , and one at the end of the production line. This treatment allows 5% more endurance when compared to IRPRG.