Opel C20XE / C20LET / Z20LET / Z20LEH 2.0 16v Turbo & Atmo H-Beam L=143.1mm Pin=21mm #sku G0033

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PEC Connecting Rod’s OpelC20XE / C20LET / Z20LET / Z20LEH 2.0 16v Turbo & Atmo


Opel  PEC Connecting rods have been designed, manufactured and tested to the highest levels of scrutiny before being released to the trade and the public alike and their success record speaks for itself.

Our H-Beam and I-Beam section connecting rods are forged from AISI 4340 (En24) steel. Heat treated to HRC 35-38 and then shot peened for a higher fatigue strength. Small ends are bushed for a fully floating pin and big ends are fitted with high quality ARP fasteners with different specification bolts available depending on the level of performance required.


PEC rods are designed to withstand roughly 225hp per cylinder (typically 900hp on most 4cyl engines) and on the ARP 2000 series bolts normally provided & have an 8,500 RPM safe operating limit (engine specific).

In some cases, we reccomend using the ARP custom age bolts available from us. This increases the hp threshold to 250hp per cylinder and raises the RPM limit to 9,000 however as every engine is different, these numbers are not guaranteed for every configuration.

Prolonged high RPM’s for drifting, or sudden bursts of torque for drag racing (as two examples) will warrant the use of the custom age bolts to help retain the clamping force between the big end cap and the connecting rod.

Additional information

  • Rod Profile                                           H-Beam
  • Length C/C                                           143.1mm
  • Small End Diameter                            21mm
  • Small End Width                                  22mm
  • Big End Diameter                                52mm
  • Big End Width                                      26.40mm
  • Bolt Size                                               3/8″
  • Bolt Type                                              ARP 2000
  • Rod Bearing ACL                                 4B2322H